International Community of Women Fighting for Peace, Emergence and Development(CIFECPED)

It is created in Douala, an apolitical and non-profit foundation called the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY OF WOMEN FIGHTING FOR PEACE, EMERGENCE AND DEVELOPMENT … (CIFECPED) whose acronym is CIFECPED.

The CIFECPED Association aims at the following goals:

– To work for peace and development

– The reception, supervision and integration of internally displaced people due to political crises

– Facilitate access to housing to health care as well as education and training for displaced persons during armed conflict.

-Identify and support orphans and widows, whose parents and husbands have died in armed conflict. Work for the smooth running of life. couple, marriage and family. Work for decentralization.


We are located in  DOUALA


The association is structured as follows:

  • A president.
  • A General Assembly.
  • An Executive Bureau.
  • A committee.
  • A coordinator